An ode to the Playground

Playgrounds are happy places .They are synonymous with all things fun -slides, swings,laughter, birds chirping  and children running everywhere . The atmosphere is always so positive and cheerful.

As an expecting mom ,I would spend a good part of my mornings in the nearby park sitting and soaking in the Vitamin D.

The sight of little boys and girls playing so audaciously gave me the goosebumps. They would so often fall ,get hurt and cry for a bit, pick themselves up again and get on with their play . The simplicity of this act really puzzled me.Their undaunting spirit ,their carefree attitude was so endearing .And none of them would go home willingly . They would have to be either carried away in their parents arms forcefully or dragged by hand .Little rascals i used to call them in my head.

Now every evening when two of my own come home and try to explain how the bruise on the knee doesn’t hurt or how their clothes picked dust and dirt magically ! I smile at them and let them spin their stories.

I dont mean to philosophise here ,but isn’t our lives first and most important lessons learnt in the neighbouring playground.That unassuming park teaches you how to play ,get hurt and get on with it . You meet people ,you become friends or foes. You play ,you learn , you win ,you lose. But most important of all , the playground teaches you to find happiness in simple things and offers numerous inconsequential moments of joy and pain alike. This place vibrates with so much positive energy that it takes away all your stress and sorrows.

So lets head to this happy place next time life frazzles you .Go there and spend some time to find that moment of peace  life takes away from you each day ,everyday .



The post is a part of the prompt from the BlogChatter community.What started as a weekly chat on Twitter,has become a blooming community of bloggers,who blog together to blog better. Come,be a part of it.


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