A letter to Myself

Yes ! you read that right. Writing a letter to oneself might sound a little queer , like it did to me at first , but I decided to give it a shot. The reason for me to write a letter to myself is very simple really – to get across certain ideas that I run away from or tend to ignore everyday in the garb of doing some more important work like taking care of the kids or the household. This letter would reiterate to me and hopefully to some other ladies and gentlemen caught up in the whirlwind parenting act to ponder over some known and shrugged off aspects of our everyday life.

(I am addressing myself as Darling because I want to. Period)

So here it goes :

“Dear Darling,

I know you are doing great things with your life and very busy doing it. You are raising three kids ,two of your own and an overgrown baby (The Husband). You are a full time stay at home mommy running around the house at the beck and call of the kids which leaves you with no time to do certain very important jobs like shopping and hence the boom in online shopping these days .

On a more serious note ,how often during the course of the day do u pay attention to your own feelings ? Do that ,starting now .Also take a break and go for a coffee sometime . You wont burn in hell for leaving your kids with the help to spend some time with yourself . Pinky promise.

Give yourself a spot on your life’s priority list . Find time to eat , sleep and exercise .Play more with the kids and discipline less . You don’t have to set an example for anyone by making your kids a robot for everyone to applaud. Cut them a slack . Let them create a mess and dirty their clothes .Let them play and laugh and you laugh too along with them . You must have realized by now that nothing is more precious in this world than a child’s laughter ,not even a clean house ! Be nice to your Mister too .

You do what makes you happy and not what makes others happy. Sometimes one gets so caught up in the routine that one forgets to live life .Let this letter be a reminder to you to live and love life . Life has its own way of dealing with everyone’s unresolved issues at its own pace . Don’t interfere with life’s pace ,just flow with it .

And read this letter every morning to keep yourself sorted . Don’t forget to love yourself the most and give love to everyone around you . Now before I turn too preachy lets end the letter with this motto – Eat, Love ,Pray ,Sleep and Make Merry !


Yours truly,


The post is a part of the prompt #Letter from the BlogChatter community.What started as a weekly chat on Twitter,has become a blooming community of bloggers,who blog together to blog better. Come,be a part of it.



  1. Jaspal · February 27, 2016

    Garima your letter is absolutely fantastic .. being a parent myself i can understand spending time with kids and allowing them to do their sneaky stuff works great. Keep writing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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