Blogging goals 2017

Let’s keep it straight and simple . Blogging is something I want to learn and get really good at . So I charted my blogging goals for the coming year because an organized approach doesn’t hurt and besides , a little reinforcement of the facts will help in the long run. Here they are :

1) Read more

Target : Ten blogposts a week to begin with

The more you read , the better you get . You build a community of bloggers by reading and sharing their blogposts who in turn give you feedback. Thus , I endeavour to read minimum of ten blogposts a week and gradually increase my reading skill.

2) Develop and define my blogging style

I want to share my experiences as a stay at home mum  and also as a homemaker . The good side and the not so good side of a woman’s life who chooses to look after the house and babies . So my goal is to refine my ideas and experiences and start writing about it.

3) Focus on the content and quality of the posts

I read some blogs and they blow my mind with the meaningful content . There is always a takeaway from those posts and that is exactly what I want my readers to feel after reading my posts.

4) Decide upon the blogging frequency 

Target : Once a week 

It amazes me to see people taking up daily blogging challenges when I find it difficult to even blog once a month. This will be a major achievement if I start putting posts once a week and I feel with a wee bit of time management skills I shall achieve this goal too.

5) Solve the mystery of Alexa

The technical aspects of blogging eludes me. So this one comes in the last of the priority list . I promise that by the end of 2017 I will try to get the hang of it even if I don’t become a full fledged pro.

These ,my friends , are my blogging goals.A document I shall keep revisiting to reaffirm that I am on the right path .

Thank  you blogchatter for this great idea to list down our individual blogging goals.This shall surely help a lot in the times to come. Cheers !